Andalo is more than just skiing! What is there to do in the winter?

A beautiful winter week is what you want when the snow comes but.... what can you do in Andalo if you don’t ski? Don’t worry, there are lots of activities awaiting you!

If you love the snow and the mountains but don’t like skiing:
  • Horse-drawn sleighs: enjoy the snowy landscape of Andalo
  • Winterpark: get a bobsled or rubber dinghy and go down the slides. And to go back up? No worries, there’s the treadmill!
  • Refuges: can be reached on foot with snowshoes or with the ski lifts In the refuges you can taste traditional Trentino dishes, drink a warm tisane and admire that panorama offered by our mountains
  • Biblioigloo: combine a love for reading with the beauty of the snowy landscape at Biblioigloo. It is the first library on the ski slopes and can be reached with the Laghet-Gaggia cable car, where you can read at 1335 above sea level!
  • Go karts: Ice Racing Kart is the go-kart racetrack in Andalo, located in Laghet where you can have fun driving on the ice in complete safety!
  • Skating: a perfectly-maintained rink where you can skate with the entire family. If you don’t have equipment, you can rent it! Small children can take their first steps on the ice with teddy bears on their feet
  • Baby Park: if your children don’t like to ski but love the snow, discover Dosson Park at 1,480 metres with an inflatable toy area and entertainment; the Kids Gaggiapark & Biblioigloo at 1,333 metres where you can read and participate in learning workshops in an igloo and outside have fun with rubber dinghies on the snow; and Maso Effo, the Andalo Life Park baby park, a paradise for children with a soft area, Legoland, climbing walls, and much more! With the Paganella Kinder Club you can enter all the baby parks with a single ticket.
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