Le Rindole: our wellness centre ad Andalo

Le Rindole is the wellness centre in our hotel in Andalo. An oasis of relaxation, only for use by our customers, at no extra cost.
After a day on the slopes or a nice walk, or even just to unplug, take care of yourself in our hotel with wellness centre in Andalo. Free yourself from stress, noise, and daily weariness.
Open from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Hotel in Andalo with wellness centre.... what awaits you?

In our hotel in Andalo with wellness centre you will find many areas for relaxation. 
  • Turkish bath: The steam promotes the regulation of skin pH, moisturizing and cleaning the skin. The addition of natural essences to the steam creates a pleasant and beneficial aromatic bath. There is a cold shower for the Kneipp bath: an excellent contrast to the temperature perceived, that varies from 45° to 48°. The treatment lasts 15-20 minutes and is recommended to improve respiratory activity.
  • Roman sauna: In the Roman sauna the temperature ranges from 65° to 80°. It is ideal for natural general detoxification of the body through the elimination of toxins through intense perspiration. There is also a cold-water shower for the Kneipp bath, which provides a surprising benefit to blood circulation thanks to the hot-cold reaction. The treatment lasts 35-45 minutes.
  • Tyroler sauna: A special function for an incredible benefit. Take a shower first and dry off; do a Kneipp path; go in the sauna for 8-12 minutes and take the last 2-3 sessions; exit and move around a bit, even outside; take a shower and dry off; do a Kneipp path, rest on the lounge chairs and repeat the cycle again.... like new!
  • Kneipp path: water is the primary element for physical and mental wellness.  Alternating feet in the hot and cold tubs you will obtain a surprising benefit to blood circulation thanks to the hot-cold reaction. The stones on the bottom provide a natural plantar massage.
  • Revitalizing shower: a cold mist with natural mint essence and refreshing blue chromotherapy or a tropical rainshower with natural maraquja essence and orange chromotherapy for a tropical sensation. Whatever you choose, it will be regenerating!
  • Frigidarium: this is a cold environment that stimulate blood circulation like a reaction to hold baths. The ice creates a pleasant refreshing sensation. The treatment lasts 3-5 minutes.
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